Cricket the Corgidor

corgidor puppy
A corgidor puppy on the prowl

Cricket was birthed in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in March of 2011.   While many find it hard to believe, Cricket’s mother was the lab and his father the corgi.  We can only assume his dad did a sneak attack while his mother slept.   Cricket was one of a dozen black & white corgidor puppies in the litter.  He was chosen because he was the second most ornery in the bunch (the first ornery was taken by the family that owned Cricket’s mom….I often wonder if they survived living with a corgidor less behaved than Cricket).

Cricket was adorable puppy and people loved to show it by giving him hugs – it was quickly learned that Cricket does not like hugs.  To this day, if you hug him he growls and throws a fit.  Monster.

Cricket’s self esteem grew quickly when he won the Lancaster Barnstormer’s “Bark in the Park Cutest Puppy” contest.  He was never the same after that.  A simple, sweet puppy began demanding more and more from his owners.  And the destruction became worse.  His favorite things to eat/destroy included: wallets, chaise lounges, crown molding, dirt, shoes and he even dabbled in concrete.

Today, Cricket’s destruction has decreased.  He does enjoy carrying around a pair of socks once and a while and grabbing a slice of pizza off the table when no one is looking (or when we ARE looking…corgidors just don’t give a crap).   He also enjoys using his 72 pound body to the fullest by running full force and jumping onto his owners on the couch.  His favorite activity is going to the local dog park where he is always center of the attention and people like to ask “what happened to that lab’s legs?”

corgidor birthday party
Corgidors demand birthday parties.

Bailey meeting his brother Cricket for the first time.


More sweet puppy innocence.


Corgidor destruction.
Oh hey…look what I did. I can has bone now?

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