Breed Traits

History.  Corgidors have been around as long as humans have been forgetting to let their dogs in, leading to “accidents” between unfixed labs and corgis.  While no ancient art has been found depicting the corgidor…we are sure its out there somewhere.

Description.  There does not appear to be a true breed standard for the corgidor.  They seem to come in tan, black, multi color.  Some have lab ears and some have corgi ears.  All seem to have short, stubby legs.  When it comes to sense of smell, they seem to be most sensitive to dead animals (they find them quickly and roll all over them) and cheeseburgers.

Temperament.  Angry.  Or Sleepy.

Health.  Heavier than they look….have amazingly beefy stumpers.

Working Life.  Being half herding dog/heel nipper and half sporting dog/hunting companion, the corgidor’s brain is so confused about what to do, it just opts to bark at the mail mail every day instead.


2 thoughts on “Breed Traits

  1. Best website ever! Obviously, I have a Corgidor. She’s two and is so delighted with people, she is my co-therapist when working with victims of trauma. She greets to the degree that she is wanted. Sleeps in the middle of the office floor and awakens immediately to go stand near and put her nose on the knee of the person who has begun to cry or speak loudly. She needed no training. And guess what! Having her with me is wonderfully comforting and relaxing to the therapist as they drive home together after a long day. She was a rescue puppy whose mother (pregnant) was thrown into someone’s yard. The home owner brought her to a rescue organization where she had four puppies. I was lucky! Hope your corgidor’s enjoying a fabulous life as well and that you’re all having a wonderful time. Thanks for the website. We’ll continue to boast of THE AMAZING CORGIDOR!

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    1. She sounds like an amazing representation of her breed. 🙂 Cricket is currently laying on my feet getting his ear licked by his border collie/heeler brother. So he is definitely living the good life!


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